a lightweight travel banjo featuring
  • A full 26-3/8 inch scale length
  • Headless design with protected tuners
  • Bolt-on neck is easily removed for transport without tools
  • Disassembles for travel in under a minute
  • Fits in standard 20" carry-on suitcase
  • Six or eight inch head with separate tone ring

Face it - a full sized banjo can be a real pain to take along when you travel. You've got another heavy item to carry, and you're risking costly damage by clumsy baggage handlers or indifferent airlines. Some other travel banjos force you to compromise your playing with a reduced neck length or alternate tunings, and they still don't fit in your suitcase. The Tranjo is designed to give you full size playability in a suitcase-sized instrument. The full-length neck detaches in seconds, without tools or string removal, to fit into an 18" carryon suitcase or backpack. The hardwood body and neck and tunable head give you a true banjo sound, while the rugged construction and recessed tuning pegs keep your Tranjo from becoming "road kill". You'll want to take it everywhere, but it's a great practice banjo to keep at home or in the office, too!